Some of my Accomplishments:

Akhtar Sadiq has long list of professional accomplishments as a chief financial officer, controller, senior management consultant, finance administrator, internal audit director, budget coordinator, financial project specialist, and administrator of finance are as follows:

• Successfully completed significant project for procurement of automotive parts;
• Increased profitability by designing, developing and implementing computer systems and procedures;
• Expanded company operations internationally and increased profitability of several companies by over $2.2 million;
• Extended airline routing systems, acquired new line of business – aircraft’s servicing and maintenance;
• Saved over $3 million by reducing government tax assessments; and introduced profit improvement plans by division and saved over $1 million.

As a candidate for Senator district 56, Akhtar Sadiq sees himself as a proven businessman. Akhtar Sadiq understands finances and value of money. He will prudently manage our State and County resources by ensuring your tax dollar is wisely spent. Akhtar will offer strong, innovative and progressive servant/leadership to the citizens of his community.

Help is on the way.