Dear Friends & Fellow Citizens,

I am Akhtar Sadiq a Successful Business Consultant and a member of Georgia Society of CPA’s and I am ready to serve our community:

We are very blessed that we live in the greatest County in the Nation - Fulton County. Fulton County is a dynamic business community. Being a successful Small Business Consultant, I am dedicated to the strategic growth and expansion of Small Businesses. I have strengthened local businesses and organizations to maintain a healthy economy by bringing business and industry to North Fulton County. I have helped individuals and entrepreneurs establish, grow and expand their own businesses. I am dedicated to growing a healthy and prosperous community in Fulton County through outreach programs that keep “The American Dream Alive”. What matters is a Strong Leader in the General Assembly who has pertinent experience and has demonstrated helping small businesses succeed and who will stand for Georgians – and that is me - Akhtar Sadiq.


My top priorities during my term as a GA State Senator are shown below.

First and foremost, I will focus on Economy and on Education because Education is the key to successful individual, community and society. I am proud to say that my daughter Graduated with Highest Honors, Suma Cum Laude, from Georgia Tech with major in Architecture and History, as the youngest lady. She is also a Graduate from Harvard University with Masters in Architecture. She is married to an Architect who is also a Graduate from Harvard. Both Husband and wife are working for an Architect firm as an Associate and a Project Manager. Akhtar has been blessed with a wonderful Grandson. My son graduated with Highest Honors from Concordia University and Harvard University. He is a successful Businessman.



I am running for State Senate because I have knowledge, experience with several Multi-National industries at senior management level. I would like to represent our community and bring change to improve the way our systems are functioning, such as economy, education and healthcare. I want to ensure we protect Georgia's stature and standing in this country, and that means working to improve our public schools so our children can compete in a global market, increase access to affordable healthcare so that our children are healthy and vibrant, and protect our natural resources so our children never fear running out of water.

Together we can change Georgia and move our Great State forward.

As your State Senator, I pledge to:

  • Focus on creating a strong and prosperous Georgia by building communities that work. Make North Fulton one of the most attractive and economically vibrant regions in Georgia.

  • Create more jobs in a strong local economy through cooperation with Federal Government and not hold Georgians hostage in partisan political games.

  • Ensure an honest Government that works for everyone.

  • Support strong families through economic opportunities and accessible and affordable health care for all Georgians.

  • Improving our Education System: Fight to fully fund Public Education ensuring every child receives a quality education, smaller class sizes and higher teacher’s pay.

  • Revitalize the Hope Scholarship Program so that academic excellence will be awarded to students for better future. Work on free education for all college students

  • Lower Taxes for middle class families and promote tax incentives for small businesses who are the back bone of our economy.

  • Support and improve Public Safety, Security and Law Enforcement,which are so vital to our communities and not undermine their morale through ill-conceived budget reductions.

Please Vote on May 24th 2016 for
Akhtar Sadiq

Thank you for your support