Akhtar Sadiq...

has been described by the business community and colleagues as “a Strong Leader with positive change, a thoughtful, energetic, renowned businessman you can count on; a man of integrity who connects with people at their level of need – a man who makes a difference!”

Over 40 years of extensive and diversified experience at senior management level with Fortune 500 companies has made Akhtar Sadiq one of the most sought-after and respected businessman & consultant in the nation. His expertise in the fields of public relations, finance, financial and operational accounting auditing, administration taxation has enabled him to manage projects with budgets exceeding $20 million, which required extensive interaction with cross-functional teams and executive management.
Akhtar has his own practice and a consulting firm specializing in all areas of Finance operational accounting, auditing, administration and tax services. Finance company specializing in commercial and residential lending, also serve as a CEO and CFO for Management and Consulting Group.

Akhtar’s credentials include Certificates in Business Administration and Professional Development - Institute of Internal Auditors and Management and professional affiliation includes associate membership in the Georgia Society of CPA’s.
Akhtar continues to excel as a business consultant with diversified experience with several multi-national industries which included airline, textile, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace; as well as financial and educational institutions and with one of the big four CPA firm.
He has long list of professional accomplishments as Vice President Finance, controller, senior management consultant, finance administrator, internal audit director, budget coordinator, financial project specialist.

Akhtar Sadiq sees himself as a proven businessman and a strong leader. Akhtar understands finances and value of money. He will prudently manage our state resources by ensuring your tax dollar is wisely spent. Akhtar will offer strong, innovative and progressive servant/leadership to the citizens of his community in the State of Georgia and at the Washington.

Akhtar Sadiq has two children, very highly educated (see details in Issues link-under my top priroities). Sadiq celebrated his 44th wedding Anniversary on June 22, 2012.


• Running for State Senate District 56. - Presidential Election May 24, 2016

• Running for State Senate District 56. - Presidential Election Nov 6, 2012

• Running for State Senate District 56. - Presidential Election Nov 4, 2008

• Former: State Senator candidate. Presidential Election and Gubernatorial Elections.

• Honorary member of the Presidential campaign steering committee - 2000

• Political Advisor, Board Elections of Director and volunteer for the Coordinated Campaigns – Presidential, Gubernatorial Elections since 1983

• Organized various Fund Raising, coordinated and managed major Political and Other Business events, political rallies, charities, and forums at the Five Star Hotels and at other locations

• Regional Coordinator – Society of Heart Foundation-Fund raising


• The United States of America Navy League- Treasurer, Board of Directors.

• Honorary Commander - United States Defence - Air Force, Navy, Marine and Army. Cobb Leadership.

• Ambassador - Cobb Chamber of Commerce for last four years.
  Ambassador and Consultant for Grand Openings of Small Businesses in Metro Atlanta

• Special Deputy Sheriff- Cobb County.

• Helping and supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs to start and
establish Small Business and to maintain healthy economy by bringing business to Fulton County. Dedicated to the growth and building the community through outreach and service.

• Helped Georgia Tech: students to prepare themselves for foreign student exchange programs

• Provide free consultation in Finance and other Business related matters to the community and also educate them to get involved in the Democratic process to exercise their rights.

• Member of the Board with various community organizations with Greater Metro Atlanta